uPVC Windows

A window...

And yet much more.

The window: The portal between inside and outside. It provides protection while also allowing us to stay in touch with the outside world. Windows let in natural light and, in this way, determine the ambience and atmosphere in the room.

Don't you think windows are essential for making sure we feel comfortable at home?

They open up the room and create room to breathe.

uPVC Windows

Light is life! Windows create living space.

Nowadays, people spent most of their time inside. And yet our bodies require daylight to receive essential vitamin D. Narrow profiles and large windows by aluplast let more in light, generate additional solar heat, improve your standard of living and therefore make an important contribution to the state of our health.

uPVC Windows

Always the right choice

  • Are ideal for use in renovations,
  • Refurbishments and new buildings,
  • Guarantee optimum heat insulation,
  • Can be completely recycled,
  • Provide added burglary protection,
  • Are weather-resistant, easy to look after and noise insulating,
  • Are available in a wide array of shapes and colours,
  • Impress with their elegant and classic views.

Ease of use

Thanks to their enhanced stability, aluplast windows can be opened and closed without a great deal of effort. Even after many years of use.


Effective burglary protection starts and ends with your windows! Protect you and your loved ones with windows by aluplast.

Heat insulation

Save energy and protect the environment at the same time: With perfectly insulated windows.

Comfortable living

Bright rooms flooded with light help to improve your well-being. Windows for living? Par for the course with aluplast!

Design elements

As unique as you are: your home.
Design your windows just the way you want them.


We take responsibility for people and the environment. We have long known that some of our planet's resources are finite, a fact that has shaped aluplast's corporate philosophy for many years.


Our Ideal Window Range

Our Energeto® Window Range