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The team is the most valuable asset in our company.

Timing and Confidence. That's how we got here.

We develop innovative, practical solutions that address the challenges of our supply, manufacture and quality steps more than 16 years. Join the over 150+ customers who trust Sercor to be the part of a exclusive benefits with rich content of material with professional team.

About Us
About Us

Our Philosophy

Our objectives in Producing, Purchasing and Logistics are aimed at satisfying customer requirements. In implementing these objectives, we work with all parties concerned in partnerships, in order to ensure the best combination of function, delivery and costs. The achievement of quality targets is a presupposition.We are responsible for the quality of purchased production materials and invest items, as well as services, monitor transparently and by standardized measurements of performance.

Our Mission is to provide quality products and services which consistently meet our customers’ expectations; to be responsible stewards with respect to the safety and environmental impact of our operations and products; and to earn superior returns for our customers.

We recognize that success in all of our activities is related directly to the talents, dedication and performance of our employees throughout the Company.

Initiate new global trading structure; create new value for benefit related partners.

Sercor focus on trading and logistics, engaged in managing for development, and has got outstanding achievements, primarily realized its leaping development. Today, we will keep staying in international trading field, insist on innovative spirit. Depending on the trend of informatization and globalization, we will continuously create new business pattern worldwide to set up integrated supply chain in an economic and environmental-sound way collaborating with share holders, employees, clients and vendors to contribute a balanced coexistence with the community, the society and the country and the environment. We will do utmost to promote rational use of resources under the new structure, meanwhile, create new value of  “green, environment friendly and sustainable’ for a more prosperous future and world.

Integrity: We will work constantly to earn the respect and trust of all parties we interact with by acting fairly and honorably. We will observe high ethical standards and obey all laws and regulations.

Excellence: We are committed to excellence in all of our activities. We value innovation. We intend to maintain a position of leadership in each of our industries.

People: We will maintain a high respect for people – for their dignity, their talents and their interests.

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