Ultra Series Tiles

Ultra Series Tiles
  • Dimensions : 29,6cm x 48,6 cm
  • Cover Dimensions: 24,8cm x 39,4 cm (+- 10 mm)
  • Weight4.6 kg
  • Pieces per Square Meter9,9 - 10,4 adet
  • Weight per Square Meter45,4 kg

Aesthetics and Comfort

New Generation Roofs

Thanks to its special design, Ultra carries the superior features of traditional clay lime with modern roofing. The superior properties such as durability, durability, color strength, surface smoothness of clay lime give a unique interpretation thanks to modern architectural applications thanks to Ultra.

Ultra is an aesthetic and long-lasting roofing material that combines smooth surface and clay lining strength. The Ultra can be placed in a surprising or flat position.

Ultra Series Tiles