Exterior HPL Panels

HPL Exterior Decorative Panels

HPL Exterior decorative panels are produced by pressing impregnated kraft papers together with decorative papers which are EBC (Electron Beam Curing) treated. The process of pressing involves high pressure and temperature.

Usage Areas and the Advantages

The building trade started to use this kind of materials for the coating the exterior side of the favorite constructions. HPL-Ext. Panels are used for airports, sports complexes, state institutions, hospitals, etc... For this kind of applications, the wooden decors and the pastel decors are the most favorite ones.

• HPL Exterior decorative panels will remain clean for a long period of time thanks to its
smooth, non-porous surface.
• Enables easy cleaning.
• Fire retardant.
• Doesn't melt during the fire, doesn't form fire drops, doesn't burst into flames and
doesn't explode and doesn't release poisonous gases.
• It is extremely resistant to impacts and mechanic pressure.
• Doesn't include asbestos – chloride heavy metals and toxic materials.
• It has the ability to recover easily after impacts.
• It is highly endurable to corrosion and cracking.
• It is economic and convenient in terms of technical characteristics and endurance.
• It can be easily processed, cut, sized, drilled and formed.
• Longlived. It is highly resistant against humidity and vapor.
• It is UV radiation resistant in a wide range of climate conditions.
• It is acid rain resistant.
• Warranty period is 10 years.


The Surface Features

The biggest difference between exterior panels and the other panels is high technological surface. The most significant features are the resistance to weather conditions and the climate changes, saving its surface against UV rays, and endurance to fire. The important difference between HPL Ext. and the other exterior panels are the tests applied by the world famous establishments. The features of HPL-Ext and it’s quality were proven by these tests.

• Thanks to the smooth and nonporous surface of HPL Exterior panels, it keeps the hygiene for a long time.
• It is easy to clean.
• It retards to burn.
• During a fire, does not melt, it does not burst into flames, does not explode and its resistance level to stretching is high.
• It does not include Asbest, Klorit, and toxic matter.
• It resists to abrasion and cleavage.
• It recovers against strikes.
• It is very economical.
• It is suitable for sizing, drilling, and forming.
• It resists to dampness and vapor.
• It doesn’t effect by acid rains. Also, it resists to fungi and the chemical effects which is originated from the atmosphere.

EN Classification EDS, EDF / EN 438 6/7
Thickness Range:  4 mm - 20 mm
1300x2800 mm / 1300x3050 mm
Please contact the customer representative
for your different size requests.



Exterior HPL Panels
Exterior HPL Panels


Exterior HPL Panels

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