Micronized & Granulated Calcite

Micronized & Granulated Calcite


Calcite, with chemical formula CaCO3 crystallized calcium carbonate known as an industrial mineral. Calcite, translucent, white colored and the Mohs hardness of 3, specific gravity 2.71 gr/m3 respectively. Melting point under atmospheric pressure of 1025 1339 calcite degrees. Calcareous sedimentary rocks are usually (limestone, etc..), And is the main component of marble. Our country has the world's highest quality calcite reserves. High whiteness, yellowness, at low levels of calcite are exported to many countries of the world is an important industrial mineral.
We have obtained from our own quarry calcite CaCO3 high rate of carefully selected raw materials are processed in our high-tech machine park.Both micronized, as well as our granular production facilities are carried out by our experienced team at every stage. Although all sizes produce calcite used in the industry, we can produce the product as claimed in any mesh widths.

Paint & Coating

• Optimized product costs.
• With high whiteness provides high coverage and opacity.
• The viscosity of the product is stable, is effective.
• Amplifiers property shows, acts to hold.
• Increase the impact resistance of the paint film.
• Paint to shine a positive effect.
• Titanium dioxide reduces the amount of use.
• Calcite on the paint provides a wide brightness range.
• Low-yellowing UV resistance through positive effect on the paint surface, yellowing of the paint is delayed.
• The product is stable, the production process has a positive effect.
• Low yellowness value, high UV resistance
• More white paper
• The paper industry is the high cost of inputs will decrease the amount of use.
• A high surface area coated
• High adhesion to the paper by
  positive effect on the surface of the paint during printing effects.
• Shows high dispersion effect and low abrasion.
• Particlesize distribution of calcite is stable and homogeneous. Production yield is increased.
• Coated calcite increases in product viscosity, dispersion occurs comfortable.
• Outer surface energy is low.
• acts on the surface gloss and smoothness.
• Does not contain heavy metals, machinery and reduces wear on the screw.
• Dispersion is comfortable, improves production efficiency.
• With low oil absorption, reduce other inputs.
• Coated Calcite has hydrophobic nature, does not absorb moisture.
•Softer compound production in whiteness is achieved.
•Odorless compound and bags production
•More white and shiny surface
•More soft bag surface
•The machine is prevented erosion, higher machine efficiency
•Superior dispersion and homogeneous particle distribution


• PE and PVC reduces the amount of consumption, reduces the cost of production.
• Less bleaching agent is used.
 •The cable has a high UV resistance, yellowing of products is delayed.
• Does not contain heavy metals, prevents wear of the extruder screw.
• Oil absorption rate is low. The oil used is reduced.
• Calcite is fireproof, it is important for the sector.
• When used in the outer sheath has shock-absorbing manhunt.
• calcite coated with a better quality of surface smoothness is obtained.
• PE, PP or PVC, provides the use of a small amount.
• Stearic acid coated calcite, acts on a surface roughness of pipe
• Quieter influence the production tubing.
• Production costs of the pipe is reduced.
• Calcite is stable intricacies produced in the machine efficiency is increased.
Construction Chemicals
• Oil absorption is reduced, other materials decreases.
• Calcite has a direct impact on product quality.
• Mineral filler is used as a thin mortar.
• Mineral plaster decorative images.
• Adhesion strength is high, güclü ceramic adhesives are produced.
• Reduce production costs, increase the competitiveness of manufacturers.
• The implementation period of the joint increases, the pot life is extended.
•Stable thin density because of calcite used in high amounts.
• is the cost reduction, reduces the amount of used Acrylic Latex.
• More white production is provided.
• UV resistance increases, the yellowing is delayed.
• Shows a positive effect on dispersion, controls the flow of the product produced.
Insulation & Asphalt
•Stretching the ability to act.
  prevents cracking of the asphalt.
• Smooth surface effect
• Impact sound insulation
• White goods strengthens the isolation plate.
• Membrane production shows a strong binding effect.
• Provides a positive contribution to the strength of the membrane.


• Automotive floor carpet production
• fill in Artificial Leather
• Stain-resistant fabric (coated calcite)
• Home Carpet infill under the LaTeX
• Polyester fleece
• Does not contain heavy metals, is not detrimental to animal health.
• used as feed for poultry and chicks.
• Calcite contains high amounts of calcium.
• acts on the growth of bones and teeth of animals.
• Animals used as vitamin supplements.
• More white detergent production
• High UV resistance
• More stable production
 •Whiteness savings achieved in providing additional agents
To get the best products of the land featured acid is added to the soil. Calcite is added and improved the lives of organisms in the soil pH is around 6-7.5. Calcite is also plant nutrients. Planted in the soil as fertilizer is used instead of calcium salts lost.
The rich calcium carbonate is used in the most-stomach medicine. Calcite sizes should be very thin and heavy metal.
• Welding Electrode
• Toothpaste and tooth paste
• Cosmetics / Cleaning Paper
• Soap
• Ink
• Flotation
• Date Author cleaning
• Latex carpet adhesive