Counrty Oak 3Strip

Counrty Oak 3Strip

%100 Wooden Floorboard

The cleanest and the highest quality sections of the trees are being used in all 3 layers of tiles.

With the enduring and stable framework of our 3 layered floorboard system, the wood's natural motions get reduced to minimum.

Brushed Surface

By strengthening wood's natural structure with brushing method, a more natural appearance can be achieved.

Floorboard Bevelling

With different bevel choices located on the four sides of the panels, it makes wood to be seen more vibrant.

Innovative Lock Systems

Lock systems have been distinctively designed to mount your floorboards easily. These systems ensure panels to interconnect each other in a very fast and smooth way.

Compatible With Underfloor Heating

Wood products can be applied smoothly to the places with underfloor heating systems.

Real WoodCounrty Oak 3Strip

Counrty Oak 3Strip
Counrty Oak 3Strip
Counrty Oak 3Strip