Wood Flooring

Wood Flooring

Nature Matters, So You Are!

The Raw materials used for the production of all wood floorings floorboard systems are only getting supplied from sustainable forestry regions that possess the prestigious Forest Stewardship Council Certificate (FSC)

Wood Finises
1 Upper Layer

With their suitable thicknesses, the hardwoods obtained from precious trees are getting protected by using natural oil and lacquer that have been treated with different layers of UV hardening precesess.

2 Middle Layer

Coniferous layer gets placed on the upper and lower in edgewise position. This structure bloks the batural motion of the wood and restricts the gaps, cracks and squeaks even on everchanging weather conditions.

3 Lower Layer

Coniferous wood, which has been placed on the middle layer, prevents the motion of the layer.

4 Innovative Lock Systems

Fast and easy assebly feature with innovatiove lock systems.

Wood Flooring

Wood Finishes

Even on frequently used areas, the wood protectives correspond to the surfaces that have been treated in many ways and reveal excellent performance

Matt Lacquer

Emphasizes the natural features and the depth of the wood.


With the UV hardened lacquer on it, it has a high durability against abrasions, marks, stains and micro scratches.

Natural Oil

Natural oil penetrates to pores of the wood and by this way it ensures wood to get enough moisture as well as reveals it's natural characteristics.


Wood Grades

Wood Grades

Wood is a living material and neither of the wooden floors are the same with another. The woods have been grouped in 3 differ­ent classifications. As a reason of explanations indicated below are information purposed, we recommend you to check out our samples and detailed product catalog to get a better idea  about how floor will look like.


With the display of little contrasts in color and structure; it creates a relaxing environment.


It creates raw wood appearance by it's snags as well as by the differences seen on it's color and structure.


With the combination of light and dark assortment, it has a vibrant outlook.