HPL & CPL Laminates

HPL & CPL Laminates

Laminates are manufactured with state-of-the-art laminate technology, with superior post-forming properties, increased abrasion resistance, hygienic surface, rich and high-quality color choices. It can be used comfortably in interior decorations, in the home and office furniture, kitchen, bathroom and cabinet doors, on hotel doors, in schools, in public offices and decorative finishes, and in all decorative applications occurred by your imagination. It is manufactured in two forms as HPL and CPL.

HPL Laminates 

Decorative laminates with standard or post-forming features, with thicknesses from 0.50 mm to 1.20 mm that can be produced with plate options in various sizes and on different surfaces. They are manufactured under the temperature of 160˚C and under 100–120 kg/m² pressure for a duration of 60-70 minutes after impregnation processes of papers in different characteristics. Thanks to the non-porous surface due to high pressure and heat, it does not allow bacteria formation.

CPL Laminates 

This product, also known as roll laminate, is produced by pressing the impregnated paper with cylinders and moving it between two steel strips at 170°C under pressure. The non-porous surface does not allow bacteria formation. CPL can be manufactured as plates and rolls with thicknesses from 0.30 mm to 1.00 mm, in post-forming characteristic and in the desired length. This allows users to produce in a rapid, continuous manner.

EN Classification: HGS, VGS, HGP, VGP  /  EN 438-3

Thickness: 0,20 mm - 1,20 mm


HPL :1220 x 2440 mm – 1300 x 2800 mm – 1300 x 3050 mm

1400 x 3660 mm – 1540 x 3050 mm – 1540 x 3660 mm

*CPL : 950 mm – 1240 mm – 1300 mm – 1400 mm

*CPL can be produced in any desired length

HPL Laminate
HPL Laminate
HPL Laminate

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