Wooden Systems

Strong Wooden Systems

In German Norms (IV 68)

The imported timbers used in production are processed in computer controlled machines and dried in our drying oven for the purpose of use. We transform the window profiles with finger joint and lamination processes completed into winged/stable glass, single/double opening, double winged, vertically or horizontally curved, arched, pivotal or guillotine slide products and present them as high quality wooden windows to our customers.

Along with window product sales, we also undertake their assembly as turn-key. We are presenting special solutions for your projects when necessary with our strong R&D and implementation teams.

Single Wing Opening System

This model, known as the French model, consists of 1 case and 2 wing. The fixed wing is locked with the hidden lever arm. The movable wing closes in such a way as to push on the other wing. There is no fixed record in the middle for the join. With this feature, when two wings are opened, there is an unregistered indifferent area. All other features are also available as standard on this window model.

Double Wing Double Opening System

It is the most widely used window model in the world and in our country. Thanks to this system, it is a convenient and safe system which consists of 1 case and 1 canvas, which can be opened to the right or left at the same time and has a crucible feature.

• Aluminum dropper to drain water entrance from outside,

• The EPDM double wick provides heat, sound and water insulation,

• 4 - 16 - 4mm in total 24mm thickness DIN1408 insulation standard heat glass (10 years warranty),

• The finger joint, which minimizes the work of the wood, and the 3-layer lamination,

• Exterior breathable water-based and acrylic paint application,

• Safe and durable accessories in European norms are available as standard.

Guillotine System

It is an Ottoman-style window type, consisting of 1 safe and two canapes. When requested, both can be moving or 1 wing fixed 1 wing moving. At the same time, the crucible feature can be added. It works with 2 pistons on the right and left of the hatches. The choice of the piston here is made with the total weight of the wing. The weight of the wing is 24 kg. It is usually used in historic restoration villas and private villas.

Pivot System

It can be manufactured in two shapes, round and angular. As the feature of the mechanism, it can stand at the desired place when the wing is opened. It has vertical and horizontal design. 90 or 180 degree opening feature provides excellent air circulation. Usage areas are high floors or lofts.

Volkswagen Sliding System

This system, which takes the name from a famous German automobile company, means check and drive. The general characteristic of the system is 1 case and 1 canvas. The case is divided in two so that one side remains constant. The other part is provided with a wing. It is supported by the bottom and bottom rails. It is the highest level in terms of security and isolation. At the same time, it is a system which is very preferred with the characteristics of the crucible. The usage areas are kitchen balcony outlets, terraces etc.

Simple Sliding System

It is a system that works with sliding profiles. The two wings move parallel to each other. It is weak with respect to other systems in terms of sound and heat permeability because it is working with brick supine. It is applied up to 1500 mm in the horizontal direction and up to 2400 mm in the vertical direction.

Lift and Slide System

It is the newest system applied on the world. It means to stay and drive. This riding system can go through large openings without problems. Rework is the most preferred system. 1 case and 2 minuets are available. Different combinations can be applied. It is especially useful on large wings. The lower rail part is made of aluminum material as insulation and is very strong. It can be buried in cross section and does not form a threshold increase. There are 2 models with motor and manual. It is preferred by ladies thanks to its easy use. It is mostly used in garden, terrace, balcony and kitchen outlets of villas.

Wooden Shutter

Wooden shutter systems provide added value in terms of both visual and naturalness by undertaking the task of a sun breaker in construction. It can be applied to all windows and doors outer openings. If shutter louvers are desired, they can be installed inside the wing, giving a more modern appearance and, if desired, being mounted outside the wing serenity, allowing a more classical appearance. Multiple wings can also be fitted with sliding or folding systems as desired by the user. The wings can also be locked open and closed. Apart from this, it is possible to apply mobile lamella applications at certain intervals and measurements.

Wooden Systems

Thickness Width
Meranti 68mm 86mm
Pine 68mm 86mm
Spurce 68mm 86mm
Sapelli 68mm 86mm
Iroko 68mm 86mm
Thermo Pine 68mm 86mm