Folding Shutter Systems

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Folding shutter systems

Existing folding shutter systems impress with their sophisticated technical solutions: The company has now expanded the modern system to include a plank shutter system, enabling it to create extra-wide shutters.

The entire system is based on a 48 mm construction depth. This means that it can be combined with standard hardware available on the market. It also enables extra-large reinforcement chambers and welded corner brackets to be used for increased stability.

The following designs are available as plank shutters

  • Fixed shutter blades in inclined position
  • Fixed shutter blades in closed position
  • Adjustable shutter blades

Plank shutters

Slat-based folding shutters

Folding Shutter Systems
Folding Shutter Systems

Technical details

  • Stable and weather-resistant plastic systems
  • High-strength reinforcement bonds thanks to die cast aluminium corner connectors
  • Large reinforcement chambers for extra-large elements


  • Fixed and moving shutter blades available
  • 48 mm construction depth for folding shutters
  • 32 mm construction depth for plank shutters