Green Roof Series

Green Roof Series


Distilled bitumen modified with a high content of elastomeric (Green E) and plastomeric (Green P) compound.

The special chemical additive provides efficient and uniform chemical root-stop barrier throughout the entire thickness of the membrane, including the overlaps, where the anti-root barrier is formed by a single 3/4-mm thick layer.


The reinforcement of the membrane consists of a “non-woven” single strand, heavyweight, polyester fabric which is isotropic, root proof, thermally fixed, very strong and has a notable ultimate elongation combined with an optimal resistance to puncture and tearing.

Areas of use

Green series can be used in all waterproofing systems in contact with the ground or where there is the risk of the system being attacked by roots such as roof gardens and green walls.

Green Roof Series Unit Green P3 Green P4  Green E3 Green E4
Reinforcement Polyester Polyester Polyester Polyester
Thickness mm 3 4 3 4
Bitumen Modifier APP APP SBS SBS
Flow Resistance °C 120 120 100 100
Cold Bending °C -10 -10 -20 -20
Tensile Strength (N/50mm) (md/cmd) 800/600 800/600 800/600 800/600
Elongation % (md/cmd) 35/35 35/35 35/35 35/35
Upper Surface Coating PE PE PE PE